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Get more positive reviews, boost future bookings and maximise returns with Quickstay Airbnb guest management services.

Reliable & Consitent Guest Mangement

A successful Airbnb stay starts with the careful screening of potential guests then continues with clear ongoing communication and prompt handling of any issues.

Quickstay Airbnb guest management services ensures your guests enjoy their stay, encouraging them to leave positive reviews that will help boost future bookings and your rental returns.

What’s included in Guest Management?

We have strict guest vetting measures in place to make sure we only accept the right type of guests for your property and give you the added peace of mind that your property will be looked after.

From first enquiries, through the reservation process and guest stays, Quickstay looks after all aspects of your Airbnb guest management, all without having to disturb you.

Strict Guest Screening

We have muliple Airbnb guest screening checks in place to help attract the ideal guests for your property. We do not accept guests under 25 years of age, apply minimum night stays, and don’t accept instant bookings from those who don’t have previous reviews.

We also ensure guests have verified profiles with a photo and ask for photo ID to minimise the risk of accepting any unsuitable guests.

Guest Communication

We’ll take care of all your Airbnb guest communications so you don’t have to.

From answering enquiries, booking information, arranging key exchanges or dealing with unexpected problems during their stay, we respond to guests quickly and politely on your behalf.

Happy, well-informed guests result in more positive reviews and more future bookings

Detailed Booking Policy

Quickstay adopts the strict Airbnb cancellation policy for guests to ensure you aren’t out of pocket for any last minute guest cancellations.

We’re also transparent with property rules and not afraid to ask guests to leave should they be doing anything to put your property, or your reputation with your neighbours at risk. These, along with our own guest vetting policies, helps to attract reputable guests and avoid any unruely behaviour.

Benefits of Airbnb Guest Management

Outsourcing Airbnb guest management makes your life as an owner a whole lot easier. We’ll manage. it all for you, so you don’t have to! You can expect:

Timely, consistent guest communications

Someone to handle tricky situations like cancellations or poor guest behaviour, for you

Happier guests, positive reviews, and more future bookings.

Here’s what homeowners and guests are saying


"Their exceptional communication made organising our staff a breeze."

– Alleviate Plaster & Paint


"The house where I stayed was well appointed and had everything I needed."

– Lolo


"Maximises the nights that my property is leased while I sit back and watch it happen."

– Allan S

Why Choose Quickstay Property Management?

At Quickstay, we understand the importance of a good guest experience when it comes to the success of your short-stay property investment.

We apply our expert knowledge and attention to detail to ensure a smooth experience for both you and your guests.

We’re hear if any guest issues arise. We’re experienced with how to handle them with minimal disturbance to you.

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Airbnb Property Maintenance


Dandenong & Yarra Valley
Mornington Peninsula
Phillip Island


Surf Coast

Surf Coast

Areas We Service

Our services extend across sought-after tourist locations of Melbourne and its surrounds, the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Geelong and the Surf Coast, and the Dandenongs.

From city stays to coastal retreats, our managed properties and expertise caters to diverse preferences, offering exceptional short stay property management solutions for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Airbnb Have Insurance For Guests?

Airbnb provides a Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance, and these offer limited coverage for damage caused by your guests, or to your guests.

However, we take the risk-mitigating approach of providing excellent guest screening and ongoing guest management, to make it much less likely that problems will be caused by guests in the first place.

How do you minimise damage to my property?

Quickstay takes care when it comes to guest screening before accepting bookings. We have a number of measures in place to help maximise top guests for your property and minimise any potential damage.

We don’t accept guests under 25, do not allow schoolies bookings, look at past reviews and how long someone has been a member of Airbnb, ensure they have a verified profile with photo and ask for a copy of their driver’s licence when confirming their booking. We also take things like noise complaints seriously and should we feel guests are breaking any of the property rules we have in place, we don’t hesitate to ask them to leave.

Accidents can happen though so we ask guests to let us know immediately about any breakasges or property damage so we can understand the cause and rectify as soon as possible.

How Much Does Airbnb Guest Management Cost?

Airbnb guest management, screening and communication are all included in Quickstay’s Airbnb Property Management, so there is nothing extra to pay on top of the agreed commission fee.

Contact us directly, to discuss the best pricing option for you.

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