Comprehensive Airbnb Management Services in Melbourne

Welcome to QuickStay, where we redefine the essence of Airbnb property management by offering a suite of essential services tailored for hosts. Our mission is to manage everything, from guest communication to property maintenance, ensuring you can enjoy the rewards without the hassle. 

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Our Airbnb Property Management Services

Leave it to us! We manage every aspect of your property up-keep and hosting your guests so you don’t need to do anything. Sit back, relax and wait for your income to be deposited at the end of each month.

Airbnb Listing Management

High appeal, maximum exposure, higher returns

We’ll craft an engaging Airbnb listing to captivate guests across top vacation rental platforms. Utilising advanced pricing tools and marketing techniques, we tailor your Airbnb revenue management to seasonal trends and demand, ensuring your listing remains competitive.

Our Melbourne short-stay property management team monitors performance, making adjustments to secure maximum exposure, maintain high occupancy rates, and ensure your rates are always competitive.

Airbnb Cleaning & Laundry

Dedicated housekeepers who’ll know your property intimately

The dedicated Airbnb cleaning teams we use ensure your property is immaculately serviced after each stay. We use the same cleaning team every time. This familiarity guarantees the high standard of cleanliness and care you’ve come to expect. They handle all aspects of turnover cleaning, including supplying and laundering linens. Our service encompasses organising deep cleaning, such as steam cleaning for carpets and furniture, as needed to keep your space pristine and welcoming for every guest.

Airbnb Property Maintenance

Regular inspections, high level of care

We conduct regular inspections to maintain your property’s pristine condition for each guest’s arrival. This encompasses everything from ensuring all appliances and utilities, like light bulbs and internet connectivity, are fully functional to coordinating with tradespeople for any necessary repairs.

Airbnb Guest Management

High quality guests are a top priority

We rigorously perform ID checks and guest screening to ensure your property meets guest readiness. Our Airbnb guest management includes strategic booking policies, such as restrictions on guests under 25, banning same-day bookings, and requiring a profile photo for bookings, prioritising your property’s safety.

Additionally, we manage all aspects of guest interaction, from reservation to key exchange, providing guides and offering support during emergencies, guaranteeing a smooth experience for both you and your guests.

Airbnb Revenue Management

No hidden fees, on-time payments

We handle all aspects of guest payment processing, including cleaning fees, for you. Our management fee is only deducted from booking income at the end of the month, aligning our earnings with your property’s occupancy. Our trustworthy accounting systems ensure reliable monthly payments for any guest stays.

You’ll receive a detailed income summary via email, with your earnings directly deposited into your bank account promptly every month, ensuring transparency and consistency in your financial returns.

Your Property Listed Within 3-5 Days

Day 1

Get property guest-ready –
deep clean, beds made.
Stage property for photos.


Day 2-3

Professional photography.


Day 3-5

Property listing created and go-live.
You start to receive bookings!

Benefits Of Airbnb Management For Owners

Personalised Service: Enjoy direct access to us- Shannon and Angela, for a tailored, friendly, and transparent relationship. We understand your property’s unique needs and adapt our services accordingly.

Dynamic Pricing for Maximum Revenue: Our use of dynamic pricing tools ensures your listing is competitively priced, maximising your earnings. Access to an owner’s portal provides transparency and control over your bookings.

Local Expertise, No Hidden Fees: We are Melbourne-based and we know the area well.  We offer you and your guests a personalised experience without unexpected costs, ensuring satisfaction all around.

Our Melbourne Short Stay Property Management Process


The short-stay property management process is a simple 3-step system!

1. Free Property Evaluation

Let’s discuss the earning potential for your property.

We have a phone conversation with you and your earning expectations. We assess the property and meet you to discuss the real earning potential for your AirBnB property.

2. Your Property Listing

We’ll list your property across 30+ world top booking sites.

Our team will visit your property, stage it, take photos and then list it across 30 different booking sites. You can adjust the pricing daily, to remain competitive in the Air BnB marketplace.

3. Relax and Earn

We’ll take care of everything & deposit your earnings monthly

Step 3 is sitting back and letting the money flow into your bank account. We’ll manage your property, handle any issues, and at the end of the month we email you the statement and deposit your earnings into your bank account.

Why Choose QuickStay for Your Melbourne Property?


Choosing QuickStay means partnering with reliable, local experts committed to maximising your Airbnb’s potential. They focus on building long-term relationships with property owners, using strict vetting to ensure quality guests.

Transparency is key, with no hidden fees and clear financial statements provided. Owners benefit from visibility into their bookings, with the added advantage of listings being promoted across multiple platforms, not limited to just Airbnb.

Get In Touch With Us Today And Enjoy The Revenue From Your Airbnb Without The Stress!

QuickStay offers expert Airbnb management services, focusing on maximising property potential through local expertise, transparent practices, and a commitment to long-term relationships. With strategies to attract quality guests and listings across multiple sites, QuickStay ensures your investment thrives.

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Owner Testimonials

{We investigated a number of short term property managers before locking in Quickstay. Shannon and his team have impressed from day one. Their professionalism, attention to detail and market expertise is excellent. They take care of, and organise everything. Shannon has always answered phone/email enquiries and dealt with any issues promptly and offered solutions. They’re always trying to maximise occupancy and in-turn profitability. Highly recommend Quickstay to anyone wanting hassle and stress free property management.
6BR House, Rye

We couldn’t be happier since switching over to Quickstay to manage our property. Whilst our last company was professional, they lacked the personal interactions and care that you’d expect. We received ongoing complaints from our building manager about our guests and the calendar was blocked for months due to damage caused and delays in repairs. We live overseas so need someone who can be on the ground we can trust. Our income stream has seen a significant increase since switching and our property is receiving rave reviews.

Mystery Person
2BR Apt, South Yarra

Quickstay made the transition to short term rental for my investment property really easy and simple. They do all the coordinating with guests and then the preparation for the next visitor. I would thoroughly recommend Quickstay to anyone considering short term rental accommodation but who doesn’t have or want the time / hassle to deal with it. Thanks to the team!

Mystery Person
1BR Apt, South Yarra

​​I highly recommend Shannon and his team. We wanted to switch to a new management company and after spending many hours contacting other booking agents, thought Shannon to be very polite and easy to communicate with. He has spent many hours explaining procedures and made sure I was stress free. Shannon has the data knowledge and analytics to ensure your property will maximise returns. The service with Shannon is amazing and I would gladly recommend anyone to Quickstay.

Mystery Person
4BR House, Armstrong Creek, VIC

Quickstay are fantastic hosts for my property, especially when it came to crisis management when my newly built home experienced major plumbing issues and he had to deal with calls from guests a few days before Christmas. I was overseas at the time. He took charge and handled everything, while keeping the guests satisfied. Quickstay has shown me they are a company that cares.

Mystery Person
4 BR House, Dromana

Shannon and his team have been looking after my property for the last 3 years. The property is rarely empty, and his diligence to finding great guests is outstanding, as the property is always left in great condition. As an owner, it gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing I will get a great return, but my property will always be looked after. Communication is alway outstanding and prompt…all in all, great people to work with.

Mystery Person
3BR House, Collingwood

Shannon and the team at Quickstay have been nothing less than brilliant in the way they have managed my property in Phillip Island. Communication and information provided to me puts my mind at ease, knowing that my property is in safe hands, and that I don’t have to lift a finger. It’s obvious too from the reviews the guests leave, that Shannon and his team do an amazing job with the way they look after and communicate with them. For anyone looking to have their property hosted for short-stay rental, I would suggest you don’t look anywhere else apart from Quickstay.

Mystery Person
Ben Cowes
2BR House, Phillip Island
What Is The Pricing Of Airbnb Management?

The pricing of an Airbnb property is dynamic and can change from season to season. With our flexible pricing arrangement, you can make the most of your returns in the short-term rental market.

Check out the returns that are possible on our pricing page, such as a 525% ROI for a holiday house at Rye.

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Can You Manage An Airbnb Remotely?

With QuickStay’s comprehensive services, managing an Airbnb remotely becomes effortless, no matter where in Australia you are. Whether you’re in Melbourne or out back of Bourke, QuickStay handles every aspect of property management, ensuring owners can live wherever they wish without the need to oversee daily operations. 


Trust in QuickStay to expertly manage your property, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning an Airbnb without any of the hassles.

Can I Use Individual Services That I Need For My Airbnb?

QuickStay has a range of services available for you, all included with a Complete Package. If you need individual services from this list, we can easily arrange that for you.

Services include Property assessment, cleaning and laundry, guest screening and property maintenance.

If you want special services, such as a welcome gift, or garden maintenance, speak to our team so we can arrange it all for you.