Revenue Management For Airbnb Melbourne

Enjoy the financial rewards of Airbnb ownership, by outsourcing your investment’s revenue management to Quickstay.

Experienced Revenue Management

Staying on top of payments and the bookings is essential to the success of your Airbnb venture, but it takes effort and expertise to get it right.

Trust our property management team to take on a comprehensive revenue management solution for your investment, making handling the accounts a breeze.

What’s included in Revenue Management?

Quickstay’s Airbnb revenue management processes are designed to maintain consistent income for owners. We monitor the performance of your listing daily and use dynamic pricing tools to adjust rates based on seasons, events and current demand, so that your property is always optimally priced.

Guest Payment Processing

Processing booking payments is completely taken care of on your behalf, when you engage Quickstay. Each booking platform manages guest payments and receipt of security bonds differently. Quickstay has the systems in place to ensure payments are secured prior to guests staying at properties, all on your behalf.

Fees Aligned With Occupancy

Our fees are based on a percentage of your booking income and are deducted from your earnings at the end of each month.

If you don’t earn, we don’t earn, so you can rest assured we are doing what we can to get the best return for your property each month.

Direct Deposit Of Earnings

At the end of each month, your net earnings are deposited directly into your bank account. We use Trust Accounting software to ensure your booking earnings and any incidental maintenance payments are completely visible to you.

We’ll send you an itemised view of your earnings less our monthly commission. There’s nothing for you to do!

Airbnb Revenue Management Benefits

With Quickstay taking care of your Airbnb revenue management, the financial side of owning an Airbnb property is so much simpler for owners.

There’s no need for you to collect or process payments, and the accounting for your Airbnb income is completely streamlined.

You’ll receive monthly itemised income reports, so you’ll always know the financial position of your investment for the month.

Here’s what homeowners and guests are saying


"Their exceptional communication made organising our staff a breeze."

– Alleviate Plaster & Paint


"The house where I stayed was well appointed and had everything I needed."

– Lolo


"Maximises the nights that my property is leased while I sit back and watch it happen."

– Allan S

Why Choose Quickstay?

The Quickstay team are experienced when it comes to short-term property rentals and have a proven success to get our clients the best return on investment. 

Transparent Accounting

We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest. We pay our clients on time, all the time.

Our commission structure is easy to understand, there are no hidden fees and we use Trust Accounting Software for owner peace of mind.

Comprehensive Revenue Management

We’ll process all booking and management fees, additional cleaning and maintenance payments, and provide you with a monthly breakdown.

There is nothing for you to do except enjoy the earnings that are deposited directly to you, on time, each month.

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Surf Coast

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Areas We Service

Our services extend across sought-after tourist locations of Melbourne and its surrounds, the Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Geelong and the Surf Coast, and the Dandenongs.

From city stays to coastal retreats, our managed properties and expertise caters to diverse preferences, offering exceptional short stay property management solutions for our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to optimise my Airbnb listing?

Just like search engines across the internet, Airbnb has their own algorithm and rewards hosts for continually updating their listing and not just adopting a ‘set and forget’ approach.

At Quickstay we respond to this by ensuring elements of your listing are complete, going into your listing regularly to update it (normally in response to feedback), updating pricing regularly (we use technology to help us automate this) and doing our best to get you the highest guest reviews as it’s another element that Airbnb looks for when ranking listings.

How Much Does Airbnb Listing Management Cost?

Quickstay’s cost of Airbnb listing management varies depending on factors like property size, location, and the level of service required. It’s best we chat to you to find out more about your property and your investment goals first. Please get in touch with us and we’ll contact you for an obligation-free chat.

How Long Will It Take to Create My Property Listing?

If your property is furnished and guest-ready, we can have it listed within a few days. We’ll organise the professional photographs then write your listing and have it loaded to Airbnb and ready for immediate bookings.

Following this, we will then list it across other holiday booking sites to ensure you gain maximum exposure for domestic and international travellers. 

Let Quickstay take care of your Airbnb property management needs. Contact us today!

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